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U.S. Lawns Deploys JobBot.Ai to Help Franchisees Streamline Hourly Recruitment

June 11, 2019, Orlando, FL — U.S. Lawns announced today that it has deployed JobBot.Ai to help all its
franchisees address some of the most difficult aspects of recruiting hourly employees. JobBot automates
routine tasks associated with hourly recruitment, liberating franchisees and their staff from tedious work
that is time-consuming to do manually. Amid the most challenging labor markets in decades, U.S. Lawns
has installed the JobBot across its network so that all its 260 franchisees can use the automation to recruit
and hire workers and grow their business.

“It’s important to get in front of applicants right away or else you lose the best prospects”, said Hannah
Subh, a U.S. Lawns franchisee and an early adopter of the technology. “But there are lots of unresponsive
and unqualified applicants and even when you find qualified people, many hourly job applicants don’t
show up for interviews.”

JobBot uses bilingual chatbots trained to contact and screen hourly job applicants and schedule interviews
with qualified candidates. The platform works 24-7, processing applications from job boards, responding
to calls and texts from prospective applicants, screening candidates and scheduling interviews. JobBot
automatically sends nudges and reminders as needed and franchisees can monitor their applicant flow,
manage interviews and disposition candidates from a simple-to-use employer dashboard.

“Hiring the best people is the key to our continued growth,” said Ken Hutcheson, President of U.S. Lawns.
“Besides bringing efficiencies throughout the organization, we want to enable our franchisees to take
advantage of new technologies like JobBot.Ai that can help them achieve better outcomes.”



About U.S. Lawns

Founded in 1986, U.S. Lawns services commercial customers through a nationwide franchise network in
over 260 locations, providing professional grade, customized grounds care and snow & ice management
services to corporate campuses, retail centers, industrial parks, multi-family residential communities and
other commercial customers.
For more information, visit www.USLaws.com and www.USLawnsFranchise.com.

About JobBot.Ai

JobBot.Ai utilizes machine learning and Ai to process millions of actual encounters with prior job
applicants to educate and train intelligent chatbots that contact and screen hourly job applicants.
JobBot is expert at moving applicants through the process, weeding out those that are unqualified and
at helping qualified candidates to schedule interviews. The cloud-based platform is designed specifically
to support multi-location hourly recruiting environments, where the applicant flow and interviews are
managed locally. JobBot is a simple-to-deploy plug-in that easily integrates with existing human capital
management platforms and accommodate any existing workflow.

Please visit www.JobBot.Ai for more information.

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