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JobBot Releases Results of Survey and Data on Hourly Workers

Data from JobBot.ai Reveals New Realities for Employers that Recruit Hourly Workers.
STERLING, Va. – Aug. 10, 2017 – PRLog — Media and technology provider YaSabe, Inc. today released the results of a survey of more than 3,000 job applicants along with new data from its JobBot hourly recruiting platform, revealing several insights and new realities for employers that recruit hourly workers:

1. Most Applicants Use their Smartphone.
More than 85% of applications processed by JobBot are from smartphones. More than 60% of the respondents surveyed said they preferred to be contacted electronically by prospective employers, compared to speaking on the phone call.

2. Limited Real Estate, Short Attention Spans on Mobile.
Data from JobBot shows that long job descriptions and overly detailed application forms result in a higher drop-out rate, preventing many qualified applicants from expressing interest. On average, shorter application forms increase the number of candidates by 100%.

3. Timeliness Matters.
54%  of respondents said they were hired within 2 days of applying for their last job. 89% of applicants that engage with JobBot responded within 6 minutes of getting an automated text from the employer.

4. Text Messaging is Growing vs. E-mail.
70% of the respondents said they preferred text messaging to communicate with prospective employers compared with email.  Average chat session per applicant on JobBot lasts 22 minutes with an average of 17 messages exchanged.

5. Hourly Recruiting is a 24/7 Function.
26% of applications on JobBot are processed after hours or on weekends.  More than 40% of the communications with applicants on JobBot occur after hours or over the weekends.

“Data from JobBot show how technology and automation can be used to address some of the biggest challenges with recruiting hourly workers,” said Azim Tejani, EVP at YaSabe.  “High-volume hourly recruiting involves routine tasks that lend themselves to automation that help advance candidates through the applicant funnel in better and faster ways.”

JobBot immediately responds to incoming applications and achieves almost 70% engagement rates with applicants. The bilingual chatbots screen applicants automatically and qualified applicants can schedule interviews on-the-spot. The platform automatically sends reminders for scheduled interviews with a map and driving directions to the interview.

About YaSabe and JobBot
YaSabe is the #1 provider of digital media and technology to help employers, marketers, and agencies reach U.S. Hispanics. Through YaSabe.com and a proprietary network, YaSabe reaches 30M U.S. Hispanics each month. JobBot.ai is a stand-alone AI-based recruitment platform that offers a smarter, faster and better approach to recruit and hire hourly workers. For more information visit www.yasabe.com. For more information on JobBot visit www.JobBot.ai.

View the published press release here.

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