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HR Tech is Evolving Voice & AI Systems are the Future

20 years back, self-service applications were a rarity with HR systems set up on premise. However, due to the rise in mobile technology, cloud-based platforms are now available to make the work-life easier for employees as well as managers in a company, small or large. MNCs with a truly diverse global workforce have been benefitted the most as they can now connect seamlessly like never before. Various tools and virtual interfaces have brought about a significant change, allowing quick and constant engagement, disregarding the physical constraints.

According to Jason Averbook, an HR tech industry analyst, “It’ll be no more clicking or going through menus.” The time is not far off when voice-based assistants will take over these interfaces and platforms with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home being used to look up payroll, benefits or any other work-related app.

HR tech thus becomes a very important aspect of any business. All the industries are dependent on it. It helps in developing a vital bond between the individuals and their organizations.

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