Why JobBot?

Hiring hourly workers was costly time-consuming frustrating
until JobBot.

For employers that rely on large numbers of hourly workers, recruitment can be a difficult and frustrating process:

  • Playing phone and email tag with applicants
  • Losing candidates to competition who move faster
  • Chasing unqualified applicants
  • Scheduling interviews, only to have no-shows

JobBot brings automation to the hiring of hourly workers.

  • 89% hourly job seekers apply from their mobile phones
  • JobBot uses intelligent text messaging to contact applicants fast
  • JobBot works to qualify applicants and schedule interviews

JobBot saves you time, money and resources.

How good is JobBot?

2x the conversion rate
Service & Maintenance
Hospitality & Leisure

JobBot ensures that we get in front of applicants in a timely manner, which is critical if we want to hire the best people.

Tina Miller Director of Human Resources, Mainscape

Start today. Hire tomorrow.

Your HR team will be up and running JobBot in a matter of hours. Here’s how it works:

JobBot’s Recruitment Dashboard
Tracks & Analyzes Performance

  1. Select the interview & screening questions
  2. Indicate interview locations and available time slots
  3. Direct your Craigslist, Indeed and other applicant sources to JobBot

That’s it!

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